j'adore orange

Hello, I'm back and I'm loving orange. Here's why:

I just LOVE this photo. It's my parents, Bernadette and Leo Doiron. It was taken on a wonderful day last summer when we were deep sea fishing off Prince Edward Island. It was early in the morning and a bit misty, so the captain of the boat gave my Mom this slicker to wear. Isn't the colour magnificent? Especially next to the ocean and sky and my Dad's shirt. Oh yes, and leave it to a woman of her generation to wear lipstick on a fishing trip. When I was looking through these travel photos a couple of weeks ago I became very inspired by this colour and have used it in my styling gigs a few times since -- deep orange dahlias, orange silk draperies and pillows and an orange lacquered side table will all be making it into the pages of STYLE AT HOME because of this photo. There is so much gorgeous orange inspiration out there. Here is just a bit. Of course, Martha and her peeps do this colour beautifully.


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masters green

Lately I've been thinking a lot about this colour and it's closest relatives - kelly green, grass green, lime, vibernum. (yes, sometimes I just think about colour). Today's funny story unfolded at IKEA (OK, sorry, I know enough already with the IKEA). Anyhoo, I was standing in front of this bedding absolutely loving it --its boldness and preppiness -- when a 12-year-oldish boy beside me said in the most enthused and excited manner, "Mom, mom, this is the coolest duvet cover EVER!" I smiled and nodded in wholehearted agreement. Then I thought to myself, how amazing that a product can appeal to me and a boy like that equally. The last thing I need in the world is a duvet cover, but after this little moment I HAD to have it. So on the day of the Masters (congrats Phil), I now officially declare green my signature colour. Here's a celebration.

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