pretty packaging

I'm the kind of person who likes to visit grocery stores and drug stores when I travel just to see package designs. Love this. If the packaging is particularly good then I might buy something -- no matter what the product is. Some of my fave pretty packaging destinations are Marks & Spencer (especially the boxes of Scottish porridge), Harvey Nichols Food Hall, Ladurée (natch! especially the Boîte Bouledogue), Muji (London, Paris, New York), Côté Bastide Paris, Mario Badescu. Of course liquor stores are another great source. I have the most gorgeous bottle of Absinthe that I bought as a prop for a shoot. And last week I found the prettiest bottle EVER -- Sayuri Sake. And last but not least -- love the cans of pear and apple soda I spotted at IKEA recently. The design reminds me of Enzo Mari's La Mela and La Pera.


jam jar light



Bonne Maman wall light, The Collection



A lot on the go right now and half my head is frozen from a dental appointment, so for today, just this: When hubs and I were in Paris in Sept 2008 for Maison & Objet I got hooked on Bonne Maman Fig jam. So glad I can get it here -- so flipping delish. Imagine my delight when I found this beaut of a sconce light -- made from an empty jam jar and a recycled coffee filter. I have a real affection for this little lovely.

peace out. Need pain killers and apple sauce....





delish dior

Today I felt like something fabulous. Something beyond the best. Something from a dream. So, where did I look? Dior Couture, naturalment. It did not disappoint. John Galliano is a magician. He is known not only for his exquisite garments, but also as a showman without equal. But this particular collection he chose to show at the Avenue Montainge atelier in Paris. So retro. So intimate. So Carmel Snow (it was she who dubbed the Dior 1947 collection the New Look). I remember one time when I was in Paris with an afternoon to myself I made the trip to fashion mecca, Avenue Montaigne. I took a half-dozen photos of the Dior doorway (and this was before digital). That Dior dove grey is on my love-it-forever list. But enough rambling. Here's what I'm talking about:




source: (runway). exterior (trendland)

favourite places: flower markets

Don't get me wrong, I love a crisp grey autumn day -- they are my faves and all about sweaters and scarves, merino wool and corduroy and denim. But sometimes on a grey day some cheerful blooms are warranted. Well, really cheerful blooms are warranted every day. So today I've been looking over pics I've taken at flower markets I've seen on my travels. In Toronto, I go to the flower markets at Avenue Rd and Davenport when I need blooms for styling, but I like in some cities how flower markets seem to just pop up on the street corner. Feast your eyes on these lovelies.