It's a big blog world out there. Every day I find someone new with a massive collection of inspiring posts. Today's discovery is The Adventures of Tartanscot by Scot Meacham Wood. Here is just one of the images from his post for today. It's a Hamptons home by Elizabeth Martin. I have such a weakness for the well-done white kitchen. What's not to love?

And this room below designed by Scot himself (Thane Studio) got me thinking about director's chairs. I was scouting them recently and was surprised by how few I found. For such a great design why don't more companies make them? Hmmm, what's up with that? 

also love these ones at the Bahamas home of India Hicks...

Here are the ones I scouted in Toronto recently:

McGuire, CAN$3,695 (!) -- I think this is the one Scot used above.

Kreiss, CAN$2,295

Pier 1, CAN$74 (for the standard chair height)

The McGuire one is gorgeous but that's just crazy money. The Pier 1 chair is my bargain find of the week!