Margot's kitchen

my tweed kitchen lantern

photo: Donna Griffith

This isn't so much a blog post as it is a public service announcement. The public service is to help beautify the world one oversize lantern at a time. I dunno if it's thanks to Pinterest or what, but it seems my inbox receives a few inquiries per week regarding the light in my Tweed House kitchen, above. This shot is obscurely filed in the Interiors section of my site as the "River" project, so I haven't made it very googleable. And the sourcing is nowhere to be found. Sorry.

So here's the deal on the lantern. It's the Montgomery exterior pendant light by Troy Lighting in XL size in the charred iron finish with clear glass. It was installed in 2006 when I renovated the kitchen and I still love it, which is a miracle given how fickle I am. Here are a few other members of the Montgomery family:

Here's a pretty brass version (although, entre nous are you not tiring of the brassification of the world?). 

The closed top gives it a little more visual heft. I like, but for my kitchen I wanted maximum light emission since I had banned potlights.

The post light is a handsome devil. I chose the wrong post lights for our Tweed place and secretly wish I could switch them for these. 

If we ever get to the stage of replacing lights at the front door I'd like a small one of the wall version on either side of the door. This natural rust finish is interesting. If I were doing my kitchen today I'd be tempted to go for it -- has a nice patina.

Troy Lighting is widely available - click the Find a Distributor button on their site to find a retailer in your area. And the prices are very reasonable. I think I paid about $675 for mine in 2006. The antique versions I found at the time were $2,500 and they still needed to be rewired so add a could hundred for the final price. 

So that's the story of my lantern.

(The next most popular item in this kitchen is the island -- sorry kids, that's a one-of-a-kind antique. Keep your eyes peeled at antique shops or have a something similar custom made. Base paint colour is Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball.)