Jeffrey Bilhuber

designers i admire: jeffrey bilhuber

You guys! I'm back and I'm so appalled to see that it has been officially more than a month since my last post. I think that might be a neglect record. More on me and my blog another day. But for now I must share the reason I've been compelled back to this space: Jeffrey Bilhuber. That's him sitting on the awesomesauce rope stool above. Mr. B is a superstar designer as I'm sure you know. I have all three of his books and love them all for different reasons. Defining Luxury is like a decorating masterclass. The details, the details, the details - not a one missed. His latest, The Way Home, is all about high-style places looking all loose and louche - such inspiration for my styling eye. In a nutshell, here are the things I love about Jeffrey Bilhuber and his design work.

Mr. B never met a wood floor that he didn't want to paint. I so agree. 

In this room I adore the upholstered walls -- always covet upholstered walls. To me they are ultimate decorator luxury. I also love how the sofa is custom made to fill the entire length of this room and how it's layered in front of packed bookshelves. This rooms conjures thoughts of Sunday afternoon napping en famille - one of my favourite pastimes.

Jeffrey Bilhuber uses curtain rods that turn a corner back to the wall. I so much prefer this look. I find finials entirely too fussy and I love the finished look of the drapes wrapping around to meet the wall. 

He uses wicker and rattan furniture in any room in the house. It's such an old school gesture. Love.

He is the owner of a charming little cottage in an East Coast seaside town...just like someone else I know.

He's known for his sophisticated chock-full of decorating urban spaces, but he does country in such a pared down unpretentious way. Just perfect.

There are so many more things I like about his work. These are the biggies. Check him out at or see the slide show of his adorable Nantucket cottage at