Hugo Guinness

mark, hugo, cicero and paul (and john)

As you can see, this is Mark. Or rather, this is Mark's jacket and shirt. As soon as I rounded the corner to see him standing in a booth at the New York International Gift Fair my eyes were locked on this combination of fabrics. This, despite the fact that he was standing in the John Derian booth, as was Mr. Derian himself. I quite love Mr. Derian's products and his style. I was very pleased to meet him. We had a brief chat and he was just as I imagined him to be: soft-spoken, low-key. John Derian is the retail source for Hugo Guinness, so of course I mentioned that I have a very treasured piece of Hugo Guinness artwork - the French Bulldog. And then John said, "Well, you have to meet Mark - his dog Cicero is the one in the picture." Imagine my utter delight. Mark and I compared notes about our beloved Frenchies, iPhones out for photo sharing. And then I asked Mark about his jacket. I adore it. Vintage in look, but entirely modern in cut and fit. The tartan, muted. The details, flawless. The pairing with this shirt, inspired. The jacket is Paul Smith, according to Mark, who volunteered the info along with a description of Paul Smith as a British designer -- it was as if Mark wasn't sure if news of Paul Smith's artistry had made it across the border into Canada. Amusing. I assured him I was familiar.

Just look again at those fabrics together. So delish.


perfect gift

Here's a new addition to my mantel. It's by Hugo Guinness and it's a French bulldog -- if you know anything about me at all then you know how perfect this is in my eyes. It is the kind of gift that took my breath away. The gift giver gave it in a very quiet and nonchalant way -- no ceremony, which made the impact of receiving it all the greater. This is gift giving of the highest order. I am totally and utterly in love with it. 

another great Guinness

After my previous post about Lulu Guinness I got thinking about another Guinness whose work I quite like: Hugo Guinness. I did a bit of digging to find out Hugo's relationship the Lulu's ex Valentine but didn't come up with the answer. Does anyone know? No matter. Hugo and his lovely wife Elliott Puckette are both artists. Their Brooklyn home has been oft photographed and their artwork oft covered editorially. It could very well be that the blogosphere doesn't really need another post but....why not? His work has a graphic childlike quality that I adore. 

What year is it? Aren't Elliott and Hugo a complete throwback? Think: To Catch a Thief.

Two spaces with Hugo Guinness art. Pretty flowers and a bathroom designed by Amanda Nisbet with wall covered.

This tryptich above would be perfect for a home office!



Hugo's work, available at John Derian.

Hugo & Elliott's home in Brooklyn.

Elliott's artwork -- so lovely, no?