Henry Holland

granny square chic?

I was perplexed when I was clicking through the pics of London Fashion Week and found these two looks from two different designers:

Christopher KaneHouse of HollandSo, umm, 2 things: first of all, the granny square - really? Hmmm. And secondly, just how freaked out was the designer who showed last of these 2? You work and you slave and you come up with your colourful-Ali McGraw-meets-mod-craft-movement moment of inspiration -- "That's it! The granny square!" -- and then, oops, someone else thought of it too -- womp womp. (And each designer showed multiple granny square pieces - YIKES!)

I know we are in the midst of a giant craft revival. And I expect even macramé will have it's day. But for today apparently it's the granny square -- everybody's first crochet project. Sadly, when I think of the granny square, I think of this:

set of Rosanneor this:

bernat crochet pattern

But all the crafty craftersons on Etsy are crocheting their little hearts out making all manner of granny square goods.

clockwise from top left: petitcrochet; saltcitydesign; turtlemurtle; mygiantstrawberry; JacBerKitsch; mostlyjonah

Me? Not. going. there.