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the spades

You know, it's funny, because I've been seeing the Kate Spade brand expand expand expand -- the jewelry, the fashion, outlet stores etc etc. And while I've been loving it (and even blogged about it here), there was a little part of me thinking hmmm, it just doesn't jive with the "we like to keep it small" philosophy I got from Kate when I interviewed her for an article for the Holt Renfrew magazine a couple of years ago. I shrugged it off thinking, well, I guess if you have such a good thing, you just go for it and pull out all the stops. So now I know the real truth. My hunch was right on the money. The Kate Spade and Jack Spade brands of today are neither of them. The whole kit and kaboodle is in the hands of the Liz Claiborne company. They cashed out. And they clearly did OK by the sale. Kate's living the life as a Park Ave Mommy, Andy's being the cool guy about town doing a lot of everything. Very Interesting! I can't believe I didn't know this until now! Don't think I'll blog about anything Kate Spade again -- 'cause every time I see something Kate Spade I'll always wonder -- but would Kate have liked/done this? -- and I'll never know the answer. Dang.

So now, for a moment just scroll back up and check out this pic of them in their Park Avenue place. Please. They kill me with their coolness. Art on every inch of wall, the gilt mirror, the fine furniture, the fresh colours. Hello -- dinosaurs on the table in the foreground! Andy's outfit: schlumpy cords, button-down and blazer, Kate in cheery yellow with retro bracelet sleeves. I have often thought how I would so love to be a guest at a party given by them. It would have the best music, the most interesting guests and a neverending supply of cocktails. And there would surely be dancing until the wee small hours.

To learn more about Kate and Andy and their biz check out this article in New York mag, which I found through my guilty pleasure The Fug Girls blog here.



the art of being a gentleman

Oh Cary Grant, you may be long gone but your dashing looks and blithe spirit live on in our very own Pacey Whitter (er, I mean Joshua Jackson). I am super old fashioned and this pleases me beyond words. And have you seen him in One Week? If not, please do that this weekend, then hug all the people you love and perform one small act of kindness. Everything will be so much better by Monday. I promise.

source: the fuggirls