wonder walls

I wonder if in some parallel universe I might be able to be one of those people who has hand painted silk wallcoverings. I'd like that. Have you been seeing these in all the magazines and books? I sure have.  Oh the bedrooms and dining rooms and hallways strewn with vines and birds and blossoms and the most luscious colours. Also loving mural papers -- just incroyable! Tonight I am lost in these spaces. Come with me for a tour. Sorry, lots of scrolling 'cause I can't possibly run the shots any smaller than this. Which is your fave? (BTW, I promised tea - my sip is a homemade Chai latte - yours?)

So pretty and happy. You can never go wrong with pretty and happy.

...and this is a bedroom. Good morning gorgeous!

Said to my hubs just the other day that I had reached my saturation point on Kelly W coverage, but here I am with the pic of the BG resto at Bergdorfs. Had to.

It's not just the wallcovering, it's the hidden door (have always loved this idea - to conceal a tiny Room of One's Own), and of course the carpet. Fun.

Tom Dixon, meet Fromental. Fromental, meet Tom Dixon.

Another secret door. Handsome.

God knows I love an elephant in design (perhaps bested only by the monkey).

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