Delphine Krakoff

Man, I love this chick's work and it doesn't hurt that I think her company name is fantastique: Pamplemousse design. Pamplemousse - my favoutie French word. I call her look French New Yorker Modernist Preppy. Rolls right off the tongue, don't you think? Of course she married well. Her beloved is Coach creative honcho Reed. But clearly she's got her own thing going on. I'd like to see more of her work. I think that's all for tonight - my brain is half melted from the heat. It is making me utterly miserable. You?

perfect summer shoe

You can have your gladiators, your strappy heels, your Havianas and your summer boots. But these, these I will keep. All hail the espadrille! Beloved of the Basques, available in a bevy of beautiful colours, patterns and heel heights, the espadrille is forever chic. The fabric upper gives and breathes like no other shoe. The closed in versions allows you to discreetly hide the fact that you find it murderously difficult to keep up a rigorous routine of summer pedis (guilty!). And then there's the jute sole. Well, if you know me at all, you know anything rope floats my boat. Just bought these ones from Urban Outfitters and am totally loving:

And one last reason to love: espadrilles, done right, can look super sexy on men. (get it wrong and they're pure Euro trash though!)

sources:, urban outfitters