Cole & Son

masters green

Lately I've been thinking a lot about this colour and it's closest relatives - kelly green, grass green, lime, vibernum. (yes, sometimes I just think about colour). Today's funny story unfolded at IKEA (OK, sorry, I know enough already with the IKEA). Anyhoo, I was standing in front of this bedding absolutely loving it --its boldness and preppiness -- when a 12-year-oldish boy beside me said in the most enthused and excited manner, "Mom, mom, this is the coolest duvet cover EVER!" I smiled and nodded in wholehearted agreement. Then I thought to myself, how amazing that a product can appeal to me and a boy like that equally. The last thing I need in the world is a duvet cover, but after this little moment I HAD to have it. So on the day of the Masters (congrats Phil), I now officially declare green my signature colour. Here's a celebration.

sources: 1. IKEA. 2. Domino via Apartment Therapy. 3.&4. Banana Republic. 5. Bells of Ireland. 6. Joe Fresh. 7. Avalisa. 8. La Pera by Enzo Mari via Nova 68. 9. House Beautiful via Quadrille. 10. me. 11. Gap. 12. Cole & Son Malachite wallpaper.

Viv & Jack

Hey, so ya know I have a case of anglophilitis (want some evidence, check here). So imagine my delight upon discovering this baby -- part of the new Vivienne Westwood collection for Cole & Son

Yes, it's beat up Union Jack wallpaper from the Queen of the Kings Road herself. I would soooo love to use this somewhere. Vivienne Westwood is such a super cool bad-ass lady with crazy talent. I saw her up close and in the flesh a couple of years ago and was taken completely by surprise. It was the press preview of the Anglomania exhibit at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. I happened to be in town for a press event and managed to get myself into the preview. So, there I was, engrossed in one of the most sensational fashion exhibits I've ever seen. I looked up and there was Hamish Bowles from Vogue. I was totally star struck my him and actually followed him around for a bit, secretly trying to get a good pic (I know, I'm a bit of a freak). Anyhoo, just a few minutes later and I looked around and there was Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Ozwald Boateng. I was totally surrounded by some of the biggest names in British fashion. Amazing. Then I spotted a major crowd forming with cameras and lights etc. And it was her -- Vivienne. I'll try to find some of my pics from that day and post them. 

As for Cole & Son, I was treated to a tour of the factory when I was in London a while back and I'm dying to tell you more about it. You'll have to stay tuned to the pages of STYLE AT HOME for that though (I'll let you know!).