favourites from ChairTableLamp

It's my main man's B-day today so thought I'd whip up a little post on the lastest finds in his shop, ChairTableLamp. First up, that supercool overscaled Union Jack. And yes, he is well aware that it is hanging sideways -- he likes to mess things up a bit - give an object his own interpretation. Not sure the protectors of the UJ would feel too good about this little trick, but whatevs. Trust me, if we had a wall large enough, we'd have kept this one. BTW for scale, Kevin is 6ft 3ins.

Those Blanc de Chine figures are just so exquisite. And how about the picture in that frame? Kevin never leaves his picture frames blank. He always finds just the right page from a magazine or falling apart book to complement the frame. This picture shows a David Hicks interior with a painted portrait of Lady Mountbatten. I like to think that Mr. Hicks - the godfather of tablescaping - would aprove of Kevin's arrangement.

A 3-drawer chest is the little black dress of furniture. We can all use a great one -- or several. This pine pretty is rustic perfection and the price KILLS - $395. 

All this to say: Happy Birthday Kevin! You continue to astound me with your incredible eye for beauty and quality. So proud and so thankful.

Nathan Turner...or Kevin Austin?

Have you been watching Million Dollar Decorators? I've been lapping up every delicious minute of it, though occasionally it has been a little too much like watching my life go by. I'm no MDD, but I work with some (though not the ones on the show) and immerse myself in their work every day. There's one other familiar aspect to the show which has been revealing itself to me ep by ep. Um, I'm pretty sure Nathan Turner and my husband might be the same person. I mean, I've never seen them together in the same place be the judge:

Nathan Turner: boyish good looks, pursed-lip smile, sandy hair szhuszhed up in the front, short back and sides, prep style, sun-kissed complexion

Kevin Austin: boyish good looks, pursed-lip smile, sandy hair szhuszhed up in the front, short back and sides, prep style, sun-kissed complexion

A boy and his dog.

A boy and his dog.

Nathan's shop, Nathan Turner.

Kevin's shop, ChairTableLamp.

bowl at Nathan's shop.

bowls at Kevin's shop.

tole chest at Nathan's shop.

tole chest at Kevin's shop.

Milo Baughman at Nathan's

Milo Baughman at Kevin's

a table at Nathan's

a table at Kevin's...

I could go on.....

There are a few differences. Off the top -- Kevin is straight, which is great for our marriage. Kevin isn't a decorator per se, but he can more than hold his own on matters of design. I think Nathan might be a bit shorter than Kevin's 6ft 3in, but I don't know for sure. So, I'll be keeping my eyes on the MDDs and watching for more screen time for Kevin, er, I mean, Nathan, in upcoming eps....Meanwhile, if you ever see them in the same room, let me know.

opposite of simple

Oh fickle fickle fickle me. Last post was all about the beauty of simple. But today is another love story. This is my fave thing in Hubs' shop ChairTableLamp currently. Isn't she pretty? All gilded and curlycued and filigreed and fancy pants. She's a beaut! I would cheat on simple for this. Find more yummy stuff from his shop at his little bloggy blog. Hubs is a fresh-baked Mac addict now that he's the proud papa to a spanking new clean white MacBook (again, simple is good), so he's getting going on his web space (with a little help). Do visit here.

rustic beauties













Love this stuff! It's from hubs' shop. People always assume that since he has a shop that we must have fabulous stuff. Now, I'm not complaining, we certainly have some nice things, but more often than not, the best stuff goes to the shop. It's a living. He can appreciate without coveting. In fact, his favourite sales are not mere business transactions but are meetings of the minds. When the shopper "gets it". If you were a shopper who had heard of Axel Vervoordt or Darryl Carter you would "get" these things. And maybe you might even buy one. Find out more about Kevin's shop here.

scouting: Chair•Table•Lamp

Hello bloggersons. I'm so sorry I have been neglecting you. Have just been a bit ocupado - party for maman et papa (50th wedding ann!), Christmas shopping for Dec issue gifts, a bazzillion loads of laundry. You Well, I've been meaning to toot this horn for a while now. This post is all about my beloved hubby and his crazy talent. Kevin has been selling antiques and decorative bibelots since long before he and I became inseparable. His shop is called ChairTableLamp. It's at 1156 Yonge St in Toronto, one of the city's main decor shopping 'hoods. He always has great stuff. Here's a taste:






and BTW, people say Kevin looks like Jeff Daniels or Edward Norton. What do you think?