Atlanta Bartlett


It's a simple little word, yet it conveys so much.  To me it means, warm, safe, loved, cosseted, enveloped, pampered. It reminds me of when I was a wee girl and sick and Mom would make up the sofa with my bed pillow and heavy wool blankets  (you know, the pretty cream ones with pastel stripes) and bring me ginger ale and chicken soup while I watched daytime TV. I much prefer the word spelled with a z (not an s). It seems more onomatopeic that way. These pictures say cozy to me.



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Bertoia on the side

Bertoia again. When I did my ode to the Bertoia side chair I forgot to include my fave Bertoia chair photo of all time. Found it when I was flipping through At Home with White tonight -- oh my, that book is so very lovely. Then found it on Atlanta Bartlett's site here. Love this pic -- it's all in the mix:

Also, I realized that Anne Sage had already posted her own ode to the Bertoia side as part of her series Chairs of the World on her blog The City Sage, which is a new fave of mine. So cool, and interesting that we chose mostly the same pics (including this one). Alas, very much enjoyed her recent ponderings on the Panton chair as well. Check her post out here.