Antiques on Old Plank Road

forgotten furniture: secretary

Oh I love a secretary. I file them under the heading of forgotten furniture because you just don't see them used very much. Pity. I don't think a more multi-functional piece of furniture exists on the planet. Take for instance the Hallings Secretary (above), designed by the delightful Thomas O'Brien. That beauty could hold silverware, serving pieces and table linens -- or even out of season sweaters -- in the drawers, while the fold down desk part could host a day's work, the writing of thank you notes or a complete bar setup, as needed. I love that a secretary doesn't give away all its charms in one glance. It invites interaction -- the opening and closing of drawers and compartments. Such a showcase for the cabinetmaker's art. I spied so many lovelies today on my brief search. All hail the secretary.

c. 1900 petite French ladies secretary, Antiques on Old Plank Road, 1st dibs

the Ethan Allen Newport. Repro but still very attractive.

the American Artisan Audrey also from Ethan Allen with a beach house feel.

simple and white Alve, with the option of having a top cabinet or not from your friends at IKEA.

the Eastman from Ballard Designs. Love the grey interior. Dang I wish they'd ship to Canada.

secretary no. sixty three from the next big thing in furniture, The New Traditionalists. visited the showroom recently for the Rue Issue #3 launch party. Incredible space in soho, gorgeous furniture and great party.

another 1st dibs classic. this one a Sheraton mahogany from Schwenke.