j'adore orange

Hello, I'm back and I'm loving orange. Here's why:

I just LOVE this photo. It's my parents, Bernadette and Leo Doiron. It was taken on a wonderful day last summer when we were deep sea fishing off Prince Edward Island. It was early in the morning and a bit misty, so the captain of the boat gave my Mom this slicker to wear. Isn't the colour magnificent? Especially next to the ocean and sky and my Dad's shirt. Oh yes, and leave it to a woman of her generation to wear lipstick on a fishing trip. When I was looking through these travel photos a couple of weeks ago I became very inspired by this colour and have used it in my styling gigs a few times since -- deep orange dahlias, orange silk draperies and pillows and an orange lacquered side table will all be making it into the pages of STYLE AT HOME because of this photo. There is so much gorgeous orange inspiration out there. Here is just a bit. Of course, Martha and her peeps do this colour beautifully.


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blowsy blooms


The hair ornament in full bloom

I'm so pleased to be back here. Missed you all dearly. Today my head is filled with blooms. Great giant massive huge painterly blooms. It may be the weather (though I've never been a spring freak -- April is the cruelest month, lilacs, dead land and all that), it may be my work life (we're well into June there), and it may just be my trendspotting radar on high alert. Blooms are everywhere. The cool kids (Anthro et al) have hopped on this trend and I love how they breathe new life into fusty florals. But you see, while the newbies do it well, the oldbies got it right in the first place. My all time favourite forever and ever floral is Bowood from Colefax & Fowler. Oh John Fowler, thank you thank you thank you for this lovely gift to the world of decorating -- a tidy rose print. My favourite colourway is the white/grey/green combo, and my dream would be to do a whole room in it -- windows, walls, furniture, bedding. Oh I really must have that fabric in my home some time. I will. Here's my bouquet of pretties to enjoy.

John Fowler's perfect pattern:

Bowood in my favourite colourwayBowood in pink: walls and windows










Blithfield, a lovely new washed linen fabric collection I spotted at the Lee Jofa showroom in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. So femme and delicate.


I saw these unbelievably gorgeous hand-painted wallpapers by Brit Kevin Dean at the Sept 08 Maison et Objet. Will never forget them. Classic English roses on a large scale. True romance. And he does dinnerware and fabric, too.

Urban Outfitters super fun Springtime duvet and shams look like a painting blown up to 400%. And below, two sweet dresses. I'd like the first one with a cardie à la Mrs. O.

The top gives me a case of the wants -- maybe as a treat when I'm in NYC next week....

Oh, and one last thing: I have something VERY exciting on my calendar for this Sat. Can't WAIT to tell you more about it!!


It's a simple little word, yet it conveys so much.  To me it means, warm, safe, loved, cosseted, enveloped, pampered. It reminds me of when I was a wee girl and sick and Mom would make up the sofa with my bed pillow and heavy wool blankets  (you know, the pretty cream ones with pastel stripes) and bring me ginger ale and chicken soup while I watched daytime TV. I much prefer the word spelled with a z (not an s). It seems more onomatopeic that way. These pictures say cozy to me.



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