the magic

The other day I heard the words that I think will become my mantra for 2011. Mr. A and I were paying a visit to Ray Staples. Do you know about Ray? She is Canada's most sensational and outrageous and brilliant interior designer. That's Ray above with her beloved husband, Everett. We went to visit Ray to extend our condolences to her on Everett's recent passing. These were two peas in a very colourful pod. They shared 62 years of marriage. The photo above is from their 60th anniversary and was taken by their niece Elaine Loring, who kindly left a comment below and posted the photo on a special site devoted to Everett. He was a dancer, painter, fashion designer, choreographer, figure skater and, well...the love of Ray's life. She is a straight-talking fearless creature who lives for creative people, beautiful rooms, colour and objects with a story to tell.

Mr. A struck up a friendship with Ray and Everett a few years ago, since Ray is a frequent visitor to his shop. I have interviewed Ray a few times for the magazine. She speaks in sound bites -- knock-your-socks-off sound bites that remind me of Diana Vreeland. She loves to shock. So, what's my new mantra? Well, it came up when Ray was telling us a story about being asked to speak to young interior designers with ARIDO. She talked about how designers today can be very capable and do rooms that are tasteful and such but...

"Where's the fucking magic?"

So this year, thanks to Ray, that's going to be my gut-check on all matters of style. Where's the fucking magic? And my resolution? Spend more time with Ray Staples.