put a tuque on it.

Or rather, put it in a tuque. Here's a little idea: Buy yourself a pot of heather (or other seasonally appropriate plant). Remove the heinous paper wrap it came in. Place a saucer inside an upsidedown tuque. Place the plastic pot inside the tuque and arrange the tuque to conceal the soil. Done.

Dear American friends, Please accept this word as our gift to you. Love, Canada. Please feel free to stop referring to these items a beanies or knit caps or stocking caps. Tuque. It's a very good word.

And speaking of tuques, you've seen all the Pinterest posts on how to knit or crochet a cover for a stool? Pffft, forget that action. Pop a tuque on it. These three stools are covered with hats. Seriously, it's the most ridiculously easy DIY I've ever done. I mean, even the point of being a tad embarassing. But so friggin' cute, no? 

photos: 1. Me. 2. Mark Burstyn.