presidential setting

The Ultimate Place Setting. Forgive me, yes, I am a Canadian and yes, have already done one Obama post, but I couldn't resist this. Let's just for a moment enjoy the skill and artistry of this unbelievable place setting -- eat your hearts out Liz and Phil -- your house staff has some competition on this side of the pond! And I must say that I agree whole-heartedly with the restrained elegance of a white plate with just a soupçon of gold trim. See some more gorgeous examples below -- then dust yours off and serve your over easy, homefries and thick cut bacon on them alongside a mimosa in a crystal flute this weekend. Celebrate -- why not?

Photo by Callie Shell/Aurora for Time from Time magazine's retrospective of Obama's first 100 days in office (wow, has it already been 100 days?)

Royal Crown Derby Royal Gold

Royal Doulton Royal Gold (like the plates -- don't like the cup shape)

Raynaud Marie Antoinette -- gorgeous!

Haviland Tambour -- lovely rim design -- again, straight sided teacup not my cup of tea.