maple trees and cashmere

Today is about being cozy on the daybed in the front window in Tweed. Trees are almost totally leafless -- dark silhouettes rising from golden and crimson carpets beneath. The view today is missing one old majestic maple. It happened during the week, the stump is fresh cut -- like an open sore. They'll be ripping up the streets soon to upgrade sewers etc. The boulevard maple between our house and the neighbours' was in the way so now it's gone. I'm guessing it must have been more than a hundred years old. Sad. 

On a happier note, this week I popped into Restoration Hardware on the way home one night. Their new line of cashmere products is totally divine! Can you imagine the feeling of wrapping yourself in a cashmere robe, sliding your tootsies into cashmere slippers, snuggling underneath a cashmere throw and settling in on the sofa against a cashmere-covered cushion to read? Yes please.

This weekend is all about gathering inspiration, planning, thinking and writing. There is much work ahead.