i'm so over...

Lately I've been making a mental list of things I think I might be over.
-Zig zag prints
-Trellis prints
-Chinoiserie (well, maybe not 100% over)
-Capiz shell chandeliers (was never into)
-Madeline Weinrib (I know - them's fighting words but I'm just sick and tired of seeing that same stuff time and time and time again. And you know 9 times out of 10 it's propped in for the shoot, therefore disingenuous).
-Second life carpets.
-Spray lacquering substandard furniture. The distinction here is subtle. I'm not against spray lacquering - just doing so on pieces with no merit to begin with. The phrase lipstick on a pig comes to mind.
-Deck Wars (huh?)
-Competition shows - ALL of them (except for Jeopardy, natch)
-New linen goods masquerading as old grain sacks, rice sacks, French market bags.

Um, guess that's it for now...