graceful spaces

Hey ho. Haven't been 'round in a while, so sorry. I've missed you. I'm feeling betwixt and between -- there's some weird stuff going on in the news right now and it's countdown to shoot day so stress levels are high. The best thing to do is look at pretty pictures -- always soothes and helps me escape from....well, just escape. 

Ah, so soft and delicate and lovely, and that mirror -- a beaut! (also note my current obsession -- the super-fat rounded corner turkish cushion -- love).

Fully and completely designed and decorated. Truly I could spend days lost in the detail of this space -- art, upholstery, trim, prints, accessories. And that's just a love-it-forever palette of pale blues and greens with tons of cream and hits of yummy chocolate.

creamy loveliness plus a fireside vignette that's just right for the crisp days to come.

1 & 2. Ashley Whittaker. 3. John Bessler photo. 4. Gil Schafer.