giving thanks for apples

I have never been the caretaker of a fruit tree before. Now we have four apple trees on the grounds of our little Whale Cottage on PEI. Before we closed it up for the season I snapped this shot. How simple. How pretty. How wondrous these small little jewels are, blemishes and all (perhaps a deeper lesson there?). And they taste quite yummy, too. I kind of miss them. I hope to plan our spring visit for when the trees are in bloom. 

I just can't look at apples without remembering that scene from Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon (Will), after vying with a Harvard man for the attention of Minnie Driver's character:

Matt Damon as Will "Do you like apples?"

Harvard dude "Ya"

Matt Damon as Will "Well, I got her numbah. How do you like them apples?"

I am thankful for our apple trees and so many more things this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving.