forgotten furniture: tall case clock

Some pieces of furniture become obsolete. And then sometimes they come back in fashion in an instant. You just don't see tall case clocks, aka grandfather clocks, very much these days. I would say their curvy Swedish cousins, Mora clocks, are a bit more familiar. However, any style of clock in a home is mostly redundant -- every appliance has a digital time display and most of us have a smart phone no more than arm's length away at all times. When's the last time you looked at a clock -- a device designed to tell the time and do nothing else -- to tell the time?

Now, I wouldn't say tall case clocks are making any kind of a massive comeback. I just think that designers with a certain eye appreciate them. Ever since I was a little girl I thought they were magical things, imbued with a sort of Chronicles of Narnia otherworldliness. But of course not every home has a spot suitable for a tall case clock. Oh to be so lucky as to have such a home...

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