farrow & ball great outdoors gallery

Have you heard about the contest over at the Farrow & Ball website? It's all about front doors painted in the company's colours. They've got a push on to promote their exterior paints. Lord knows I love a great front door and if it's on a home in the UK all the better. I voted for the one above -- the front door of UK resident Claire Hughes, which is painted Light Blue. I love how chalky it is, how the shiny hardware works so well with it and how the lantern is painted to match. Simple and pretty.

In the more daring department I also kinda dig this one.

It's the home of Louise Clelland and is painted Brinjal. If you've been visiting here since way back, you might remember my affection for Brinjal, which was kindled after a visit to Paris. I've been thinking of Brinjal again. I hope to use it for an upcoming story in House & Home.

You should go to Farrow & Ball and vote. And if you are planning to paint your door this spring I think you will find their step-by-step guide invaluable.

And speaking of exterior paint. I've been mulling over in my head the idea of painting the brick of our Toronto bungalow in a deep warm grey colour. I don't know if it will happen -- seems a long shot given everything else that is so much more pressing than painting the house. But I really loved the results when Arren Williams did it. The makeover appeared in House & Home a few years back, but it's also up on the web site here.

Arren used Railings, also a Farrow & Ball colour. I think it looks fantastic -- and the new windows are beautiful! I don't think I'd go quite as dark as he did. Perhaps this:

Down Pipe 

It doesn't seem that much lighter here, but when you put the two together it is much lighter. Hmmm, maybe. But the real question is - could I do it myself? I think except for the chimney I actually could. It's a small house. We'll see.

PS, April 9 was my 3 year blog anniversary. Happy belated anniversary to me.