clichés to curb

OK, before I get to the nitty gritty I will admit that this post is a clear case of the pot and the kettle and some name calling. I'm on my webby soapbox about decorating clichés. Really, this stuff has GOT to stop and I pledge to do my very very best, please join me in the effort to curb these clichés....

1. "Adding drama": as in "The red accent wall adds drama to the dining room." Ugh, loathe the phrase so. I think part of me just fundamentally disagrees with a design that has one item or flourish that's a drama queen. Rather, I think an interesting and well-executed interior should be more like a symphony -- anything that "adds drama" is a dropped note as far as I'm concerned. 

2. "Just buy what you love and put it all together. If you love it, it'll work." When you read this, proceed with EXTREME caution! I'm here to tell you that it "working" is by far the exception, NOT the rule.

3. "I work with colour and pattern all day so when I come home I want blah blah blah [a white interior]" Now, don't get me wrong, I am a card-carrying member of the Decorating With White Society. However, the pretentiousness of that quote and the frequency with which it passes the lips of stylemakers makes me roll my eyes and groan in agony. Why oh why can't people just own white and all of its pale neighbours and love it for what it IS rather than saying they selected it because of what it isn't. They aren't true members of the DWWS.

4. "It's only paint. No big deal, if it's wrong, you can just paint over it." Yes, true, paint is inexpensive compared to, say, redecorating your entire room. However, this flippant phrase is clearly most often uttered by those who never paint and those who have a painting contractor ready to respond to their every whim with no regard for the cost. Well, In my house I'm the head painter and painting is a big deal: choose the colour, move and protect the furniture, prep, more prep, ladders, paint, more paint, clean up splatter, clean brushes, touch up. Yeah, it's just a can of paint...right.

5. "And here's a storage ottoman to store all the kids toys." Now, I don't have kids, but I sure know they come with WAAAAY more toys than will fit in a small storage ottoman. I always assume with those stories that there is a room somewhere else where all the toys REALLY are. 

6. "Why not transform an unused closet into a home office work station?" To this I say 3 things. 1. Do you know ANYONE with an unused closet? 2. If your place is so small that you can only put your office in a closet, then you NEED that closet to store stuff. 3. Can you imagine an environment less conducive to productivity than sitting in a closet and staring at a wall (even if the wall gets a "cheerful wallpaper pin board makeover")?

Well, you and I both know there are more, but six seems like enough for now. For my past transgressions I say Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! (it's latin, for an explanation, click here) Now, let's all work hard on banishment. Here's a pretty picture to cleanse the palate:

aaaaah, now that's nice. (from the lovely and talented Suzanne Kasler)