cedar shingles and siding

If you've been kicking around Pinterest lately or maybe picked up the latest copy of Kinfolk mag, you may have seen this image already. It's a stunning example shot by my friend and colleague Michael Graydon of something that's been sticking in my head lately: weathered wood siding. Oh the beauty. You know how you always imagine a list of characteristics of your dream house. Maybe you'll renovate and add some of those things to your present house. Maybe your next house. Maybe you'll just dream forever about these things. I'm always dreaming about a list that seems to get longer and longer. Cedar shingles and clapboard siding (I always hear that word the way Bob Vila used to say it: "clabberd") go hand in hand with another one of my dream house ideas: a barn conversion. Here are some favourite examples I've been hoarding.

And there she is, a stunning barn-inspired dwelling and artist studio in Sagaponack, NY by Annabelle Selldorf of Selldorf Architects. 100% chill. 0% pretention.

I took this shot just about this time last year in Kennebunkport, ME. Love the green door.

Oh my goodness. The heart races. Found this on good ole' Pinterest. It's credited to Carol Reed Interior Design. I'm pretty sure it's Nova Scotia, but can't actually find this exact shot on her site. However, her blog series on her trip to NS begins with a July 30, 2010 entry and continues for days of stunning shots of scenery and coastal buildings. Worth a visit - the blog and the province! 

And another one from Carol Reed via Pinterest. There's a little place in my life right now that could look just like this...maybe, someday.

image sources: 1. Michael Graydon, from Kinfolk mag. 2. photo by Nikolas Koenig for Selldorf Architects via Remodelista. 3. me. 4. & 5. Carol Reed Interior Design.