at home with wedgwood

Today I am at home with Wedgwood. Well, at this home I have only a couple of pieces of Wedgwood but what I do have, finally, is my copy of the new book At Home with Wedgwood by Tricia Foley and signed by Lord Wedgwood himself. I had full colour proofs of the book months ago for a story I was doing, but there really is nothing like cracking the spine of a brand new book with gorgeous photos and such a rich story (take that Kindle and Sony Reader). I can't wait to devour it.

sources: random house, tricia foley

When Lord Wedgwood was in town for a luncheon to celebrate the book and the anniversary of Wedgwood I was captivated by his beautiful family signet ring and his cufflinks. I took a photo. I don't think it really turned out, but it does remind me of the importance of detail. Detail is so important in matters of style. Carefully considered details elevate the whole. I am so impressed by the talent of those who are masters of detail.

Below, Lord W, 2 fave pieces displayed at the luncheon, and the front door of the home of the British Consul General, where the luncheon was held. The Union Jack red paint colour is just perfection (and BTW, in case you were wondering, yes, that thing by the light is a security camera, natch)