another great Guinness

After my previous post about Lulu Guinness I got thinking about another Guinness whose work I quite like: Hugo Guinness. I did a bit of digging to find out Hugo's relationship the Lulu's ex Valentine but didn't come up with the answer. Does anyone know? No matter. Hugo and his lovely wife Elliott Puckette are both artists. Their Brooklyn home has been oft photographed and their artwork oft covered editorially. It could very well be that the blogosphere doesn't really need another post but....why not? His work has a graphic childlike quality that I adore. 

What year is it? Aren't Elliott and Hugo a complete throwback? Think: To Catch a Thief.

Two spaces with Hugo Guinness art. Pretty flowers and a bathroom designed by Amanda Nisbet with wall covered.

This tryptich above would be perfect for a home office!



Hugo's work, available at John Derian.

Hugo & Elliott's home in Brooklyn.

Elliott's artwork -- so lovely, no?